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Pump Plunger 131151-8620 A103 fit for ISUZU 6QA1

Engine Fuel Injector Element 131151-8620 A103 fit for ISUZU 6QA1

st diesel fuel injection system accessory.As a professional factory, we have been specializing in the export of auto parts for 25 years.Our products sell well in many countries and regions, such as South America, Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Africa.
China Lutong Parts Plant is a manufacturer specialist diesel fuel injection system accessory.
Main products: Diesel pump plunger (contains type A, AD, P, PS7100, PS8500, EP9, MW and the others), Nozzle (contains type DN, PDN, S, SN, PN, DSLA, BDLL and more), Delivery Valve, Nozzles, Common Rail System Parts, VE pump parts and the accessories (such as: Head Rotor, Cam Disk, Feed Pumps, Repair Kit, Fuel injectors, Fuel injector parts, Pencil Nozzle, etc.).

Any comments,please contact me Shary
We also have some other items for your reference :

Z NO StampingNo Vehicle Model Engine
103200-5110 G-2 EXPORT  
105170-51100 N5    
105500-51100 N4    
105570-51601 N8    
105700-51100 N.9 NFD150  
105990-51100 E.8 TS230  
124950-51100 A1 2T72  
131101-0120 A2    
131101-3520 44N1    
131101-6920 0-3 ISUZU 3AD1
131101-7020 0-4 NISSAN-D SD16
131101-7220 0-6 ISHI-SHIBA LEP854A
131101-7520 0-9(320/9) ISUZU DA640T
131101-8120 1 425 005 NISSAN-D ED33
131101-8020 1 425 005 NISSAN-D ED33
131101-8220 1 425 006    
131101-8720 A2    
131101-9325 A8    
131101-9420 A9 NANJING NJD131B
131101-9920 A14 HINO ED100
131102-0020 A15 ISUZU 4BA1
131150-0620 A794    
131150-2420 A812 EXPORT  
131150-2620 A814 DAEWOO DH220-5
131150-3320 A821 CARTR 320
131150-3900 A827    
131151-0120 A17 HINO EB300
131151-1220 A28 HINO/MITSUBISHI 6D15T
131151-1320 A29 ISUZU 6BB1
131151-1420 A30 ISUZU 10PA1/12PA1
131151-1720 A33 A33 90R
131151-2020 A36 DAEWOO D0844M
131151-2220 A38 MITSUBISHI 6D14
131151-2320 A39 MITSUBISHI  
131151-2720 A43 MITSUBISHI 6D20
131151-3220 A44 ISUZU 4BD1/4BD1-T
131151-3620 A51 NISSAN DIESEL FD6
131151-3720 A52    
131151-3920 A54 HINO N07C
131151-4720 A63 ISUZU C190
131151-5120 A67 HINO EL100
131151-5820 A74 ISUZU 6D105
131151-6220 A78 MITSUBISHI 6D15CT
131151-6320 A79 ISUZU S6D105
131151-6920 A85 ISUZU 4BA1
131151-7320 A89 MITSUBISHI/ISUZU S6K-T
131151-7620 A92 NISSAN/ISUZU SD25
131151-8020 A97 ISUZU C240
131151-8120 A98 A98  
131151-8620 A103 ISUZU 6QA1
131151-9720 A115 KOMATSU SA6D110
131151-9820 A117 ISUZU 6BD1T
131152-0020 A122 MITSUBISHI 6D15T
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